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Money Back Guarantee Policy

DragonSkin LLC Money Back Guarantee Policy
  1. Product Liability Disclaimer Awareness
    1. It is crucial for the user to understand the Product Liability Disclaimer, which outlines all the risks of getting stung even while wearing DragonSkin® Booties. This Money Back Guarantee does not assure the user that they will not get stung, but if they do, they will receive a refund according to the terms below:
    1. Geographical Limitation
      1. The Product Liability Disclaimer specifies that DragonSkin® Booties were tested exclusively with the Round Stingray species primarily native to Southern California and Baja California. Consequently, this Money Back Guarantee only applies to the use of DragonSkin® Booties in the Pacific Ocean, from Pt. Conception, CA, to Panama. If the sting occurs in waters outside of this region, the user is disqualified from this guarantee.
      1. Proper Use Requirements
        1. At the time of the sting, the user must be wearing DragonSkin® Booties as per the instructions:
        2. Both layers of the booties must be worn properly.
        3. The ankle strap must be securely fastened.
        4. The booties must not show excessive wear exposing areas of the foot.
        5. The user must not have been intentionally provoking stingrays, stepping on stingrays, or engaging in any other behavior common sense would preclude, such as intentionally walking into a mating pod of stingrays (where they are practically blanketing the ocean floor, and visually obvious).
        6. The user was stung through DragonSkin® Achilles Heels, as opposed to on another part of the body, including but not limited to:
          1. Shin, above the ankle/top of the booties
          2. Leg
          3. Back
          4. Arms
      1. Limitation to Impacted Pair
        1. This money back guarantee does not apply to the whole order. Rather, it applies to the individual pair of DragonSkin® Booties the user was stung through.
        1. Claim Procedure
          1. To claim the Money Back Guarantee, the user must email with a picture of the sting, and if visible, the mark the stingray barb left on the booties.
          2. User must return the booties to DragonSkin, so that we can inspect how the sting occurred. DragonSkin will provide a return label for the booties.
          3. A refund will be processed after receiving and inspecting the booties.
          1. Policy Misuse
            1. Any user that is determined to be abusing this policy can be denied a refund at the discretion of the DragonSkin team.