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  • Stingray Injuries: When and Where Are You Most Likely To Get Them

    Although it’s always good to practice safe stingray habits to avoid a stingray injury, it helps to know where and when stingrays are most prevalent. We explore what seasons and conditions stingray injuries are most prevalent. We also highlight Southern California beaches with calmer waters which stingrays prefer.
  • Stingray Sting: What to do Immediately After Getting Stung by a Stingray

    Unfortunately, if you've found yourself on the receiving end of a stingray sting, this blog delves into what to do next.
  • Stingray Barbs - What Makes Them So Dangerous

    It's generally known stingray barbs hurt - but have you ever wondered why? This blog delves into what makes a stingray barb so dangerous acknowledging though that stingrays only use them in self defense.
  • Doctors Studying Stingrays and Other Hazardous Marine Life

    Our team recently met Dr. Christanne Coffey, a UCSD Professor focusing on Wilderness Medicine. One of her focus areas is exploring how medical providers understand and treat injuries from wildlife like stingrays. They have launched a new study this year to survey beach goers who have recently been stung by stingrays. We also learned about a stingray-related study conducted by Dr. Robert Katzer at UC Irvine, another Professor specializing in Emergency Medicine. This blog delves into both studies and some key takeaways to have.
  • Do Surf Booties or Water Shoes Protect Against Stingrays?

    We've tested traditional booties and water shoes to see how they perform against our DragonSkin™ booties. This blog delves into the results.
  • How to Avoid Getting Stung by Stingrays

    If you're in temperate waters like in SoCal during the summer, chances are there will be stingrays next to shore. Stingrays are awesome creatures and this blog delves into how we can coexist by avoiding getting stung.