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  • DragonSkin® Podcast: Dr. Dan Cartamil on Stingrays

    The DragonSkin® Team interviews Dr. Dan Cartamil on all things stingrays! Dr. Dan Cartamil is a marine biologist with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Environmental and Ocean Sciences at the University of San Diego. He’s an expert in the biology of stingrays and has researched ​​topics including: round ray population patterns, round ray biology, like stinger regeneration, and ultimately, how to diminish their impact on humans. In this podcast, we talk about all things stingrays: stingray biology, practicing safe habits around stingrays, and stingray populations.
  • Assessing the Risks: The Reality of Stingray Stings, Shark Attacks, and Jellyfish Encounters

    We see shark attacks on the news, jellyfish blooms on instagram, and lines of folks by the lifeguard stand with their feet in buckets of hot water, being treated for stingray stings. But how common are each of these, actually? Which do we really need to worry about? In this article, we present the prevalence of different aquatic threats.
  • Why Steve Irwin is An Exception to Stingray Injuries

    Steve Irwin's passing from a stingray sting was a monumental loss for the world. We delve into what happened, and why it was a result of a tragic alignment of circumstances rather than a typical stingray encounter.
  • Warning Flags at Beach: What to Look Out For

    We cover the different colors of beach flags you might see at the beach, including what they mean and what to look out for.
  • Stingray Experiences: What it's Like Getting Stung

    We share what it's like getting stung and the different severities of stingray injuries someone can experience. From minor stingray stings to sever stingray stings, we go into different experiences beachgoers have around stingrays.

  • Do Stingrays like Linkin Park? Why We Needed to Find Out

    We share some of the whacky things we tried in our path to make stingray protection!
  • Stingray Protection: Why Stingrays Also Need Protection From Us

    We explore why stingrays need protection from humans as much as humans need protection from stingrays.
  • Stingray Terminology: Understanding Stingrays

    When learning about stingrays, there are many terms you come across that describe stingrays and their stings. This blog explores different stingray-related terminology.
  • Myths & Facts about Stingrays

    When we started DragonSkin - we had some misconceptions about stingrays that turned out to be false. We have since learned a lot about stingrays and have come to appreciate what awesome creatures they are. We wanted to capture some of the biggest myths and facts about stingrays all in one place.
  • Stingray Injuries: When and Where Are You Most Likely To Get Them

    Although it’s always good to practice safe stingray habits to avoid a stingray injury, it helps to know where and when stingrays are most prevalent. We explore what seasons and conditions stingray injuries are most prevalent. We also highlight Southern California beaches with calmer waters which stingrays prefer.
  • Stingray Sting: What to do Immediately After Getting Stung by a Stingray

    Unfortunately, if you've found yourself on the receiving end of a stingray sting, this blog delves into what to do next.
  • Stingray Barbs - What Makes Them So Dangerous

    It's generally known stingray barbs hurt - but have you ever wondered why? This blog delves into what makes a stingray barb so dangerous acknowledging though that stingrays only use them in self defense.